Dhaka Bank Question Solution

Question Solution

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MCQ  questions Solution:

1. Sebatik Island

2. Novel in peace 2017- ICAN

3. HDI 2016- Norway

4. Which country has no paper based money- Denmark

5. Test Ranking of BD- 8th

6. Cumilla previous name- Tipura

7. foreign exchange cash reserve of Bangladesh- 32402 Million

8. CRR for commercial banks in Bangladesh-5.5%

9. 1st budget presenter in BD- Tajuddin Ahmad

10. The validity of travelers cheques- 6 Months

11. Plastic money- Credit card issued by banks

12. EMI in Banking- Equated monthly installment

13. Bulldog bond used by- UK

14. central bank takes monetary policy for – half yearly

15. Optical fiber

16. E-Banking

17. Semiconductor memories in which the stored data will remain permanently stored as long as power is applied – Static Memory device

18. Low-level language- assembly language

19. Spam

20. Internal Hard disk

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